In our Bilbao City Tour you'll discover the fascinating history and unique architecture of this noble town founded in 1300 by Don Diego López de Haro. Situated between two ranges of hills on both sides of the river Nervión, Bilbao is a city that blends the old with the new, and is sure to enchant you.

Our sightseeing tour will showcase the most important buildings and monuments of Bilbao, both modern and traditional. You'll enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view of the city from the Artxanda viewpoint and explore the charming medieval Old Quarter, which features narrow streets and interesting architecture, including Renaissance, Baroque and Modernist buildings.

In addition, our tour will take you to the modern part of Bilbao known as the 'Ensanche', which was built in the 19th century and is home to many impressive architectural and infrastructure projects that have contributed to the urban and economic regeneration of the city.

One of the highlights of the tour is a visit to the iconic Guggenheim Museum, designed by Frank O. Gehry. This striking building symbolizes the new, modern Bilbao that combines the past, present, and future.

As we make our way back to the port, we'll also pass by the centenary old structure of Bizkaia Bridge, a unique masterpiece of 19th-century engineering that has become a UNESCO World Heritage site. This transporter bridge is the oldest of its kind in the world and is a testament to the city's rich history and industrial heritage.

Our tour includes stops at the Artxanda viewpoint, Guggenheim area, and Bizkaia Bridge, giving you a comprehensive and unforgettable experience of this remarkable city. Join us on this journey of discovery and let us show you the best of Bilbao!


Please search for the guide who will carry a sign of TOURS4CRUISERS. He/she will be using a red jacket. He/she will be next to the security cabin, located at the entrance of the parking lot (next to a red light), where the port gate is, short distance walking. Remember that guides will be there only 30 min before departure time. If any problem, feel free to call us or ask the staff at the tourists office inside the cruise terminal to do it.


TOURS 4 CRUISERS tour is a private tour, we leave and come back all together. TOURS 4 CRUSIERS has modern closed buses that allow us to regulate temperature. A local guide will be always with you during the tour and will talk about every single place you catch sight of from the bus using its microphone. The coach waits for us at each stop. You can freely enjoy the time planned for each stop (you can even stay inside the bus). There are toilets at every stop. Before the excursion or after finishing it you have enough time to visit the old town, an area you have to visit by foot because vehicles cannot go into.TOURS 4 CRUISERS guides will give you essential tips not to loose anything important in the old part of the city.

For any doubt or further information do not hesitate to contact us any day at any time. You can do it by WhatsApp (+34 644 399 844), e-mail ( or through our social networks @tours4cruisers.

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Terminal de cruceros del puerto de Bilbao, muelle de Arriluze, Getxo Bizkaia

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