If the port of A Coruña is one of the destinations of your cruise you can use it as a gateway to Santiago de Compostela, a destination for pilgrims since the Middle Ages and one of the most important Christian pilgrimages together with Rome and Jerusalem. Hundred of thousands of pilgrims visit the city every year during the whole year. Both the Cathedral, well known for being one of the largest and most beautiful in the whole of Europe, and the Old Town were designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985 in view of its urban beauty and monumental integrity, as well as the profound echoes of its spiritual significance. We will cross Coruña city to take the motorway. Santiago de Compostela is 60 minutes far from Coruña. During the trip the guide will talk you about traditions, history, the way... , will give you essential tips to loose nothing important and will show you some documentaries.

Once in Santiago de Compostela the bus will drop you off in the Juan XXIII private parking lot (5 min walk from the cathedral, the nearest place to park). The guide will give you maps which perfectly show the key places. The guide will lead you down avenue Juan XXIII and San Francisco street into Obradoiro Square. As you walk along, storekeepers will tout their local specialty (Santiago's cake, cookies, chocolates...). You will be given three hours to explore the place by yourself before jumping back on the bus an heading to your dock. Admission to the Cathedral itself is free. In case you need something you can find the guide in Obradoiro Square, meeting point from where she will lead you through the old town to the Alameda Park, from where you can find unique views of the Cathedral. The guide will inform you about meeting time in the bus.


The tour leaves from a nearby square. Once you cross the door of the port fence you will find a stone corridor in between a shopping center and the Congress and Expositions Palace; at the end of this corridor when you enter the city you will find our staff ready to receive you from the very moment your cruise arrives. TOURS 4 CRUISERS local guides are easily recognizable thanks to their red t-shirts and jackets with our logo. They will solve any doubt and will show you the concrete place from where we leave.


Tours4cruisers Santiago de Compostela excursion is a private excursion. TOURS 4 CRUSIERS has modern closed buses that allow us to regulate temperature. We leave and come back all together. It includes transportation to and from Santiago with very informative commentary along the way. You visit Santiago on your own. The guide will make you know when you have to be back in the parking lot. Take always with you the booking ticket where the guide's cell number is written on. 

For any doubt or further information do not hesitate to contact us any day at any time. You can do it by WhatsApp (+34 644 399 844), e-mail (info@tours4cruisers.com) or through our social networks @tours4cruisers.

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